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Why Us

Connecting Worlds has the largest set of essential skills of all Telecommunications Consultancies in the region, developed over 15 years working not only in the industry, but in the MEA region. Many companies based out of Europe have tried, and failed, to sell to the region based from Europe. It just doesnít work!

We have extensive market & industry knowledge, proven sales management skills, a professional business attitude and experience in working independently and reporting to the mother companyís office regardless of location and time differences. Connecting Worlds has unsurpassed regional experience, cultural understanding and language knowledge.

No other company can match us in proactively promoting your products, we donít wait for the opportunity to fall into our hands, we actively seek it out. We have the experience and a proven track record of working with multinationals as an extension of their sales force in the region. We are definitely not just a local agent promising the world but being unable to deliver.

Setting up your own branch in the region is not only prohibitively expensive and time-consuming; it is also a large risk that many companies just canít afford to take. What we offer you is local sales and technical resources at a fraction of the cost (just 20%) of setting up your own regional office.